Lazer Sharks in Space


Meet this Year's Team

In the 2023-2024 CenterStage challenge, our team consists of a new crew of bright minds: Erin Gimello, Savanna Albertson, and Connor Hanley. We also have 2 returning members from last year who are able to help the team, Joseph Bourassa, and Dillon Bagnell. Having mostly rookie members might seem difficult, but with enough motivation, it can be fun, productive, and successful.

Hi, i'm Dillon. I'm a Junior in High School and this is my third year participating in First Tech Challenge. I'm the Social Media/Community Outreach Lead. In addition, I also handle most of the organization of documents and making sure the Team is kept on track of what our current and future goals are for competitions. I am also the designated Driver Coach for matches. During competitions, I strive to keep Gracious Professionalism a top priority, and making sure to have a good time!

Hello, I'm Erin. I'm a freshman in High School and this is my first year in FTC. I was in FLL for three years before moving up to FTC. I'm the lead programmer and a driver for Lazer Sharks. I handle all the programming and software for our team while making time to practice driving and strategy. During competitions I make it my personal goal to be the best person I can be, and help wherever I can.

Hi, I'm Joe. I'm a sophomore and this is my second year in FTC. I'm the team captain, head builder, and assistant programmer for the team. I am the human player in Lazer Sharks. My personal goal during the competitions is to talk to other teams, help, and try my best to show gracious professionalism. 

Hi, I'm Savanna. I'm a freshman in highschool and it is my first year in FTC. I'm the lead designer and help with building and occasionally helping our teams programer Erin. I am the second driver for Lazer Sharks. My personal goal at the competitions is to be a good person and help people that need some help. 

Hello there I'm Connor. I am a freshman in highschool and it is my first year in FTC. I was in FLL for three years before this. I am fabrications and general fixing. During competitions I help and maintain people and robots alike.


For the very first time, Lazer Sharks In Space has won the State Championship. This is such an amazing opportunity that all of us never thought would become a reality, but through luck, dedication, and skill, we were able to make it happen. Our team and TeamEureka Robotics as a whole are working hard to make everything possible, and we strive to do our absolute best in the Worlds Championship. We are truly excited to see so many other teams, cultures, designs, and challenges others have faced, and how they were able to overcome the same challenges we have faced as well. In addition, we would like to wish RoboScout Squad the absolute best this year, and hope to see them in Houston, Texas!


Last year, we have dedicated most of our spare time to promote STEM Robotics and FIRST as a whole. We have done a lot of community outreach around our town to convince young and bright minds to join the Robotics programs available in Eureka, Montana. We do presentations for our middle school and elementary school. For community outreach over a distance, we use an Instagram and Twitter account to keep contact with other teams to support and help in any way we can. We strive for Gracious Professionalism and expanding the Robotics community. 

Our team has continued our ever-progressing outreach. This year, we have done a variety of events to promote the program, specifically within our local community. We had a fish fry at our local restaurant, Front Porch, which saw much activity. We hosted a Robotics "carnival" used to provide entertainment and fun to younger folks within our community. And not only that, but we have done much more! We wish to once again continue these efforts, for the sake of Gracious Professionalism.

(Don't worry about the mess, we are working hard lol)

Meet 8-Byte

This year's bot uses a few parts from last year, especially the chassis. The arm, however, is unique from last year. Thanks to Joe, we now have an arm that can extend and retract to manipulate pixels with ease. At the bottom, we have a Broom, which is used to guide the pixel during autonomous, and raises up after its function is done. As always, the bot uses Mecanum Wheels, as it is the best option for most seasons, especially when it comes to saving on space and maneuverability. Lastly, a Drone Launcher, which launches a paper airplane roughly 12-14 feet onto to a landing zone outside of the field.

Kalispell Scrimmage, November 11, 2023

Team History

In the 2022-2023 PowerPlay challenge, the team consists of 5 dedicated members: Dillon Bagnell, Chester Kowalski, Joe Bourassa, Emily Rhodes, Caiden Garcia. Gracious Professionalism was top priority this year, and we strived to be the best. This was one of our best performing years in a long time. The team won Inspire Award at Qualifiers, and won the Control Award at State. During robot game, we made it to the semi-finals before being beaten, but we congratulate those who made it ahead of us!

In the 2021-2022 Freight Frenzy challenge, team 10662 consists of 3 members: Dillon Bagnell, Hunter Long, and Michael Muniz.

In the 2020-2021 Ultimate goal challenge, team 10662 consists of 5 members: Trace Lewis, Austin Marshall, Dayton Hayden, Orion Conrad, and Hunter Brown. 

In the 2019-2020 Skystone challenge team 10662 consisted of members: Ivy smith, Trace Lewis, and Lakota Graham. In the Helena qualifiers team 10662 won the Judge's award for gracious professionalism. In the state competition team 7002 made it into the Semi-finals with the other Eureka team, the E-Hackers.

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