Assignment # 8 - CodeAcademy

Post date: Mar 5, 2013 7:40:10 PM

<!DOCTYPE html>



<h1>Hello World</h1>



HTML is the bones under every single web page on the web. In this next assignment you will learn the fundamentals of HTML to make your own basic website. You will include images, organize text, and add links to your page. 

Work through the self-paced lessons - ask for help along the way when you need it. Once you have completed the first set of exercises you can go on to the first Project: Build Your First Webpage.

To get started, go to CodeAcademy and create an account. Simply select create account then "Sign up with Google." Make sure you are logged in to your teameureka account.

With your profile created, you are ready to start on section 1 HTML Fundamentals


By the end of Q3, you are to have completed section 1 HTML Fundamentals & section 2 More HTML and Basic Styling.

Learn as much as you can by experimenting and 'playing around' with the code.  Here is a great place to try out some of your code W3Schools.  Your quarter grade will be determined by assessing your two completed projects from these lessons, the 'Badges' you have earned and the Total Points received during the exercises.  We will also be taking a comprehensive (review of all things) quiz prior to the end of the quarter.

As this is a "self-paced" assignment, it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to manage your time in class and make sure you get things completed on time.  If you find yourself falling behind, you might need to assignment yourself some homework so that you'll be prepared for the end Quiz.  :)