Assignment # 10

Post date: May 1, 2013 3:06:48 PM

Independent Project

This final class project is up to you.  You can select from any topic you can think of.  You will make a project outline and tell what and when you will have things completed.  Use the document template below.  Examples of projects could be... bring in an electronic item to 'tear-down' and learn about its function, complete a set of lessons from CodeAcademy, learn to build a mobile device app using online programming...etc.  If you need help figuring out a project idea, brainstorm with others and discuss options with your teacher.

Make a copy of this document.  Share to public and place link in the class dropbox.  This will be your "contract" agreement for completing this project.  Your final quarter work will be graded on this assignment.

Independent Project Outline

some resources: