Assignment #9 - Hardware

Post date: Apr 10, 2013 7:06:04 PM

Computer Hardware Exploration

We use computers practically every day, but do we really know what makes them 'tick?"  In this assignment you will be documenting the complete breakdown of a desktop computer, learning about each component, it's name, function and relationship to the operation of the whole machine, as you go.  Working with a partner, you will complete these tasks.

First, create a shared presentation file (or Prezi) with your partner and submit to the class Dropbox (make sure it's also editable by public, so your instructor will be able to add comments).  Then, using the web resources links listed below, along with any other resources you can locate, create a slide (or 'path' if using Prezi) for each component of the computer.  These slides should be organized into appropriate categories based on your research.  You will need to take original pictures of each part as you disassemble your computer, to document it's location.  Add titles and descriptions with well indicated pointers for each slide/image.  Don't forget, that you will be responsible for putting this computer back together, so be cautious and observant (taking good notes) as you go, and make sure not to lose any pieces.

Your goal is to learn as much as you can, using the web, your colleagues and instructor.  This unit will conclude with an exam, both written and practical (meaning you will need to be able to identity and install various components of a computer on your own).  

Here is a study guide to help make sure you are learning about all the components that will be included in your assessment.  You may make of copy of this document for yourselves, so that you can add your own information and notes.

**Safety First** - be sure to review these guidelines for keeping safe throughout this assignment. (hint: this info is fair game for assessment questions)