Day 2 Assignment

Post date: Jul 22, 2013 9:49:51 PM

For TETRIX FTC teams

Start out by reviewing the Introduction to Programming on the RobotC Curriculum page.  Watch all four videos under "Thinking about Programming" and "RobotC Syntax."  

Next, go to the "TETRIX Hardware" tab and review the documents there for: safety, construction tips, structure, etc...

After you have thoroughly reviewed these topics, complete the Safety Quiz (provided by instructor).  Upon successful completion, you may continue to the Setup section and begin assembling a test bed.

For FLL teams

Log in to your >Groups and join this group code cbeb1209  "FLL summer Learning" 

Once this course shows up on your CS2N groups list, select it from the list, then go to >view 

From there proceed thru to the NXT Operations Basics Section guided instructional videos, documents and quizzes for self-guided learning.

Use the "NXT Video Trainer" to guide you thru basics to advanced programming skills.