Couch Potatoes

(Formerly "Straight Off the Couch")


Team Bio

Team 7002, dubbed the "Couch Potatoes" by the team members, is an FTC competition team based in Eureka, Montana. Our goal is to experience knowledge and joy through robotics and engineering while helping to improve our local community. We are working to make it to the FTC Worlds Championship. Our team includes Micheal Watters, Braeden Kubica, Aaron Riddle, Cannon Pearson, Bam Puengkuntod, and Tanner Rasmussen.

Team Images

Our New Drive Team

The drive team was decided on a whim, and it turned out pretty okay!

Bot Repairs

Having to constantly update the robot is exhausting, but that's what makes this so cool. The challenge...

First Scrimmage

Getting set up and ready for our first scrimmage! Everyone was excited!

OUR ROBOT 2021 - 2022

Currently, our robot uses a mecanum drive train that allows it to strafe for faster movement. Our arm uses a double-block mechanism to allow it to rise higher than a normal arm. Our grabber uses two servos that move in tandem to bring the goal into the hand, then move the other way to eject. Surgical tubing allows the grabber to open and close to fit any size goal, making it easier to focus on other things.

Team Member History

Micheal Watters - Experience: One year in FLL, second year in FTC. Micheal is the main programmer, as well as a secondary builder. Micheal is the Coach for the drive team.

Braedan Kubica - Experience: First year in FLL. Braedan is the Team Captain, as well as our main builder. He generally comes up with the ideas that we use.

Cannon Pearson - Experience: Two years of FLL, first year of FTC. Cannon is our secondary programmer, as well as a secondary builder. Cannon is the one who tries his best to keep team morale high, even in dire situations.

Aaron Riddle - Experience: First year of FTC. Aaron is one of our main CAD and laser designers. Aaron is one of the few members of the team that can joke, even in situations where it seems impossible.

Bam Puengkuntod - Experience: First year of FTC. Bam is our main builder, often coming out of nowhere with new ways to attach plates and screws. While she is quiet, she has an excitement about Robotics that often helps the team keep going.

Tanner Rasmussen - Experience: Four years of FLL, second year of FTC. Tanner is our main CAD designer, often coming up with new designs to help the robot and the team become more efficient. Along with Micheal, Tanner is one of the veteran members of the team and often shows this through his knowledge of CAD design.

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