Couch Potatoes

(Formerly "Straight Off the Couch")


Team Bio

Team 7002, dubbed the "Couch Potatoes" by the team members, is an FTC competition team based in Eureka, Montana. Our goal is to experience knowledge and joy through robotics and engineering while helping to improve our local community. We are working to make it to the FTC Worlds Championship. Our team includes Micheal Watters, Braeden Kubica, Cannon Pearson, Levi Sparks, Rome Prince and Quincy Rhodes.

Team Images

Our New Drive Team

The drive team was decided on a whim, and it turned out pretty okay!

Bot Repairs

Having to constantly update the robot is exhausting, but that's what makes this so cool. The challenge...

Our New Logo!

Featuring our mascot Spud (Aaron)!

OUR ROBOT 2022 - 2023

Currently, our robot uses a mecanum drive train that allows it to strafe for faster movement. Our arm uses a double-block mechanism to allow it to rise higher than a normal arm. Our grabber uses two servos that move in tandem to bring the goal into the hand, then move the other way to eject. Surgical tubing allows the grabber to open and close to fit any size goal, making it easier to focus on other things.

Team Members

Micheal Watters - Experience: One year in FLL, third year in FTC. Micheal is a programmer, as well as a secondary builder. Micheal is the Coach for the drive team.

Braedan Kubica - Experience: One year in FLL, two in FTC. Braedan is the main builder. He generally comes up with the ideas that we use.

Cannon Pearson - Experience: Two years of FLL, 2nd year of FTC. Cannon is our Captain, secondary programmer, as well as a secondary builder. Cannon is the one who tries his best to keep team morale high, even in dire situations.

Quincy - Organizer, arm controller, and helps build and test the robot. They enjoy robotics because I can be creative and learn science based skills. They also like cheese and are am 17 years ago.

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