Couch Potatoes


Our page is currently under construction.

Team Bio 

Team 7002, dubbed the "Couch Potatoes" by the team members, is an FTC competition team based in Eureka, Montana.  Our goal is to experience knowledge and joy through robotics and engineering while helping to improve our local community.  

Team Members

We currently have no members because it is the end of the season and all the members either moved or are graduating.

Team Images

Currently missing image.

Our Drive Team

Our drive team for this year is Micheal W. Cannon P. and Braeden K.

Bot Repairs

Currently missing image.

Having to constantly update the robot is exhausting, but that's what makes this so cool. The challenge...

Our Logo!

Featuring our mascot Spud (Aaron)!

Base bot

His is the original design we tried at the beginning of the year.

Our first prototype

Our prototype of the "noodle-izer" for gathering pixels.

S.U.C.C. prototype

This is our next prototype for intake after the tests of the "noodle-izer". The acronym for S.U.C.C. is Super Unique Collection Contraption.

S.U.C.C. V3

This is our third revision of the S.U.C.C. that proved quite S.U.C.C.-essful.

S.U.S.S. Prototype

This is a prototype for our suspension system. The acronym for S.U.S.S. is Slightly Unique Suspension System. The reason it is slightly unique and not super unique is because we took inspiration from one of our friend teams the RoboScout Squad.

  OUR ROBOT 2023 - 2024

 Currently, our robot uses a mecanum drive train that allows it to strafe for faster movement. We have used some modified wheels to use as our intake system for the pixels. the linear actuators are for our robot to be able to suspend. 

Outreach for Worlds

We helped out with outreach for our sister team Lazer Sharks in Space to raise funds for them to go to worlds. 

Our state competition

Social Media