In the 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal challenge 8271 E-Hackers consists of 5 members; Benjamin Cooke(programmer), Sophia Lord(builder, captain), Jaxon Gideon(journal, social media, builder), Franka Striefler(CAD design), and Katelynn Singer(social media, journal).

2nd Place Promote Award Winners!

Design Award Winners!

Inspire Award Winners!

During the Montana State Qualifier, 8271 won the Inspire Award and Top Ranked 3rd Place!


This is Boris our 2020-2021 robot!

Social medias

Facebook: Ehackers Socialmedia

Twitter: @8271Hackers

Instagram: @ehackers 8271

Designs & CAD 2020-2021 Season

Below there are descriptions of each of our initial designs, shooter ideas, conveyor ideas, and more.

Initial drawing of the intake system:

Our original idea was to use Zip ties to sweep up the rings. And sensors to identify them.

Initial drawing of the wobble goal :

Our Wobble Goal arm idea was to build a traditional arm with a little comma claw on the end.

Initial drawing of getting the rings on the wobble goal :

We were originally planning on putting rings on the Wobble goal, using a grabber similar to a crab claw.

Initial drawing of the shooter system:

This image displays multiple shooter ideas. The far left drawing shows our current design.

About the Shooter

Below is a picture of our second shooter design. We planned on having two dura wheels on either side of the ring. We decided against this because we didn’t want to shoot the rings past the allowed distance.

other side.

2020 Bozeman Championship Tournament

Control Award Winners!

In the 2019-2020 Skystone challenge 8271 E-Hackers consisted of 5 members; Carson Szymoniak(builder,CAD design), Benjamin Cooke(Programmer), Sophia Lord(builder, social media, co-captain), Austin Marshall(programmer), and Jaxon Gideon (builder, journal, social media, captain). The team took 1st place at the Helena MT qualifiers and won the first place Control award at state.