Day 5

Post date: Jul 26, 2013 5:57:18 PM

To make learning programming easier, we are going to use the RobotC Virtual World robots to start running our programs.


  1. Log in to your CS2N accounts
  2. Go to "RobotC for FTC Groups" in your Summer Robotics Group
    1. Take the "Robot Movement Quiz" in Section #2 (review videos as needed)


    1. Watch "Forward for Distance" in Section #4 (learn about nMotorEncoder command)
    2. Then, Open RobotC program, and configure to complete code exampled in Forward for Distance video.
      1. Remember to change Compile Target to Robot Virtual (RVW)
      2. Write code to move your robot forward 'exactly' 5 feet.


  1. Review the videos from yesterday on "using NXT motors as Encoders" for your physical TETRIX robot.
  2. Write your own code to go exactly 5 feet, just like you did in the RVW.
    1. You will need to do some mathematical calculations here to determine distance per rotation for your robot.

Note: if you're having trouble getting your motors to run in sync, try adding code from the attached doc