Monday, 9-10-13 building a test bed

Post date: Sep 8, 2013 5:55:57 PM

Monday - Wed. assignment- Click on the RobotC Trainer link to the right. Select the Fundamentals button and read the info on that page. Then click on the TETRIX Hardware link. You need to review all 9 pages of information in this section. Yes, it is a lot and you don't need to read every word but it is crucial information that you need to at least know is there for future reference so please spend some time reviewing it.

Next, click on the Setup button and read the info on the right half of this screen. Now click on TETRIX Setup .

You will now watch the "TETRIX Testbed" videos and follow the Testbed 1 & Testbed 2 instructions. DO NOT PRINT THE INSTRUCTIONS, just have them on your screen or a mobile device to read them.