Assingment #2 - Khan Programming

Post date: Oct 31, 2013 7:12:59 PM

Khan Academy Programming

Use your Teameureka (aka Google account) to sign in to:

You will need to "allow" this site access to your account.

Adding a Coach

Add Mr. Reynolds as a coach to your Khan Academy account.

From the Learning Dashboard of your Khan Academy page,

on the left-side-bar, at the bottom, go to "Coach"

From there, use this code to add me as a coach

Code: 4DFVAW


Once logged in, select Computer Programming from the "Learn" drop-down menu.

Then select "learn Programming" and proceed with the Intro to Programming section.

After watching the first two introductory videos,

Start with "Drawing Basics" - Each time you complete a "Star" Challenge, save it as a spin-off, so you can show me your work.