What to expect at Tournament

Post date: Jan 8, 2015 7:47:24 PM


Your FLL teams are working on their final missions and probably just getting started on their projects. Recall that in addition to the field robot missions, there are 3 segments to the judging: Robot Design, Project and Core Values. The teams will see a different set of judges for each. Now this isn’t rocket science – so don’t start stressing out. More than anything we want the kids to have fun, the coaches to have fun and the volunteers to have fun. Each judging segment lasts about 6 minutes. No coaches, parents, or mentors are allowed in the judging area. This is for the kids to shine and show what they have learned about “Learning Unleashed”, teamwork, their robot, and Gracious Professionalism. Once the teams go into judging they do the 3 judging sessions one right after the other. They will need to carry all their judging items to all three sessions. Here is a quick sentence or two on each of the judging areas.

1. Robot Design: The team will met with two Robot Design Judges around a playing field. The team needs to bring their robot and any other supporting items. The judges will talk to them about their robot and how they came up with the different design elements for the missions. The judges will ask them about the robot and the software design. It’s important that all members participate in this discussion.

2. Project: The team needs to give a presentation about “World Class Learning Unleashed.” This can be a poem, skit, or dance, etc. about what learning means to them. It can be a serious or a zany presentation. They need to be creative with this one. I get questioned a lot concerning the use of projectors. I would highly discourage this. There isn’t enough time, and since the judges never went through FLL themselves, they are technically challenged. In other words, we do not want your team to spend 5 minutes getting their PowerPoint presentation up on the wall.

3. Core Values: This is the easy one. The judges are dreaming up some zany activity that they will ask your team to do. The judges are looking for team work and Cooperation within a team. How does the team reason out a problem and arrive at a solution to it. Fun, Fun, Fun. As the coach, you’ve been helping them with this all along… right.